Lessons & Classes

Private Lessons

$45/hour & $25/30 mins.

Private Lessons provide music students with personalized one to one instruction. Lessons focus on developing proper technique in tone production, intonation, and dexterity. Students will also solidify mastery of basic music theory and sight-reading skills specific to their instrument. Through the study of scales, etudes, and solo literature, students will gain maturity, grow confidence, and find joy in the quality of music they will create.


Group Lessons

$25/hour (Paid Monthly @ $100)

Group Lessons will also focus on technique through the study of scales, etudes, and solo literature designed to enhance music skills to increase tone production, intonation, and dexterity. Each lesson will be shared with 3-5 other players of the same level and instrument, while working on the same repertoire.


The Orchestra (Large Ensemble)

Registration Fee: $40

Tuition: $50/month (September-May)

$30/month for 2nd student per family

$10/month for each additional student per family

Private Lesson Discount: $10 off total monthly bill of families whose students are enrolled in private lessons.

The Children’s Orchestra is our large ensemble and provides for students who may not have an ensemble at their school. Ranging from beginning to advanced levels, this is ideal for home and private school students. Each ensemble meets one hour every week September through May. We perform one formal concert every semester with other performance opportunities through out the community. The students enjoy creating music with their peers. It is a truly fun and rewarding experience for all students. Family discounts available!


The Chamber Orchestra

Registration Fee: $40

Tuition: $50 per month (September-May)

The Chamber Orchestra will provide advancing high-school string players the opportunity to study and perform advanced level repertoire. Students will work on a broad range of chamber orchestra literature ranging from Baroque to Contemporary. 

The purpose of this group is to challenge students who are ready to study collegiate and professional level literature. Students are required to audition for this orchestra and are encouraged to study privately with a private lesson teacher.


Small Ensembles

Registration Fee of $40


Small Ensembles are offered for students who wish to perform together as a trio or quartet. These groups are available upon request and by audition to ensure proper placement.


*Age and grade exceptions may be made to best serve an individual student’s ability and need. Please contact me to discuss concerns or accommodations on a case by case basis.

Music Foundations Class

Ages 4-6

Registration Fee: $40

Tuition: $45 per month (September-May)

The foundations class is designed to prepare students for future studies in music. Through singing, playing games, story telling, and movement students will lay a foundation ensuring success and fostering joy through the study of music. Students will also learn about the instruments in the string orchestra, and will simulate playing those instruments helping them build the gross motor movement needed to play their future instrument. Parents are invited to sit in and participate with their child.

This class is a 45 minute class and meets one day every week during the school year.


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