The Orchestra

The Children’s Orchestra is our large ensemble and provides for students who may not have an ensemble at their school. Ranging from beginning to advanced levels, this is ideal for home and private school students. Each ensemble meets one hour every week September through May. We perform one formal concert every semester with other performance opportunities through out the community. The students enjoy creating music with their peers. It is a truly fun and rewarding experience for all students. Family discounts available!

Fees and Tuition:

Registration Fee: $40 per family

Registration and concert fees waived for families who pay by the year. ($400)

Tuition: $50/month

  • $30/month for 2nd student per family
  • $10/month for each additional student per family

Private Lesson Discount: $10 off total monthly bill of families whose students are enrolled in private lessons.

  • Not applied to pay per year option.

A concert fee is already included in December and May tuitions.


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